Balancing Act

Still trying to get it all together after my month long excursion.  Am I taking too long?  How does everyone else get stuff done so quickly.  I feel like time flies by for me.  Is this what is meant by relativity?  Maybe I’m just slow.  Anyway.. this is my last Squam blog.  The final day.  The TTV.

TTV is short hand for through the viewfinder.  Basically, you take a twin lens relex camera, make a box to block out the light, and photograph what you see through the viewfinder (hence the name) with your digital camera.  The results have a lovely old-timey feel and the square format that I LOVE.  I’ve always wanted to do this, but never really took the time.  Taking this class at Squam gave met he kick in the pants I needed to get going with it.  It’s a cumbersome contraption, for sure, so I’m not sure how much I’ll continue to use it.  But, it has given me the itch to shoot with my old Rollie again.  Oh how I love that camera.

The class was taught by the lovely HulaSeventy, whom I had the pleasure of collaborating with for the Spring issue of Vain Magazine.  It was a pleasure to finally meet her.

Here are the results of my TTV adventure:

(Pictured here are two most cooperative models Jonatha Brooke and Jen Gray.)

I’d also like to give a little shout out to the fantastic women I met in the cabin next door:

And if you’re into the arty blog scene, check out these ladies:

Window Ledge Arts
Enchanted Mama

Lavender and Limes

Pixie Campbell

Athena Dreams

The Squam Blog Collection

Thanks to everyone at Squam for making it such an enjoyable, magical time.

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1 Comment

  1. Lights and Lakes and Locks…all spectacular!
    I think I might attempt to try this at home.

    Comment by JessGo | 5:59 am October 15, 2009

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